Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Nary a Soul Need be Wary

Inspiration is a good thing at the close of a solar/ceasarian calendar year.

I typically receive a good dose of inspiration from Dr. Scott McLeod; this is particularly the case when he is encouraging readers to be wary of outside consultants. This is what I do for a living, and his thoughtful reflection led me inspired me to reflect on my ethics, even if not in his echelon of public speaking nor a member of the National Speakers Association.

Can I assert that I have pledged myself to:
  • honesty and integrity
  • pursue my profession and education to the end that service to my clients shall always be maintained at the highest level
  • to seek and maintain equitable honorable, and cooperative association with fellow members . . . of my business and professional life
  • to comply with the standards . . . as set forth by th[e] code of Professional Ethics
I need a few days to mull it over for a truly accurate self-reflection. I also look forward to redefining my personal mission statement to make sure all is where it should be for 2009.

Happy New Year. God bless us, one and all

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