Sunday, July 6, 2008

On the Road Again

I still marvel that I've accumulated more miles this year an educational consultant (this after 13 years in k-12 education and three as an adjunct college lecturer/performing artist) than all of my traveling years as an international educator.

Usually, I put the headphones on, tune out the world, and focus on preparations for/follow-up from the school I've gone to visit. This usually devolves into mind-numbing airline entertainment or a fast movie/TV series on the laptop or ipod. This vacation trip to Phoenix was different - my aisle mate was otherwise occupied, but once the conversation began, I didn't want to "tune out".

He too is an educator at a charter school in Phoenix. His passion for the profession was inspiring and reminded me of the good old days. However, it was his inquiry into my job teaching internationally that inspired this blog.

My friend, Amanda DeCardy summarizes it beautifully. I echo the sentiments on benefits to the family. The only addition I would make is the opportunity to meet wonderfully dedicated professionals with global perspectives and an appetite for cultural experiences and exchanges.

The world is flat, but it is through exchanges offered in international posts that we can physicalize the virtual connections available.