Friday, November 28, 2008

I Slept as the World Changed

Has it really been nearly three months since my last blog post?

I have absolved myself from guilt - even with a new purpose in September to blog more regularly. I have been at my Portland base 10 days since September 9th - only two of those were non-consecutive weekend days.

I am melded to my laptop, so it's not a matter of being removed from the digital community. However, since my last blog post, I feel as though, perhaps in a dream:

  • The U.S. elected a President who has the potential to inspire beyond what Kennedy or King did.
  • The blogosphere shriveled up and went inactive - or maybe I just stopped reading my RSS feeds?
  • Twitter slowed down - or maybe I couldn't stomach reading all the racist comments in the public twitville after McCain conceded
  • I realized there were other priorities in my job demanding immediate focus beyond making sure we were present in web 2.0-ville.
Or perhaps, it is as my friend Jeff said:

I don’t think it’s a bad thing, I just think the landscape of what blogging is, is changing.

What brought me back?

I logged into Twitter, and my friend Andy Torris had a link to his post.
I wanted to comment on his post but became instantly ashamed when it asked for my website.
I decided if I was going to comment and list my blog, I darn sure better have something recent.
I read Jeff's post to see where his thoughts had been lately - even though I was a Skype guest with his Grade 5 class as they were creating audiobooks for kindergartners.

I was also pulled back by Sanjana of AS Bombay's way of introducing first and second graders to the world of blogging . . . and I just *had* to start following @dearlibrariAnn once we met ftf after she starting following me from a mutual friend - @adecardy's twits.

I fell asleep and the world seemed to change. Then I woke up and realized I can still jump on the train and ride to my heart's content.

Let's do away with that phrase "The train is coming - either get on board or get left behind". There is nothing wrong with stopping to smell the roses and trusting there'll be another train coming through the station soon - that's why the station was built!