Friday, November 28, 2008

I Slept as the World Changed

Has it really been nearly three months since my last blog post?

I have absolved myself from guilt - even with a new purpose in September to blog more regularly. I have been at my Portland base 10 days since September 9th - only two of those were non-consecutive weekend days.

I am melded to my laptop, so it's not a matter of being removed from the digital community. However, since my last blog post, I feel as though, perhaps in a dream:

  • The U.S. elected a President who has the potential to inspire beyond what Kennedy or King did.
  • The blogosphere shriveled up and went inactive - or maybe I just stopped reading my RSS feeds?
  • Twitter slowed down - or maybe I couldn't stomach reading all the racist comments in the public twitville after McCain conceded
  • I realized there were other priorities in my job demanding immediate focus beyond making sure we were present in web 2.0-ville.
Or perhaps, it is as my friend Jeff said:

I don’t think it’s a bad thing, I just think the landscape of what blogging is, is changing.

What brought me back?

I logged into Twitter, and my friend Andy Torris had a link to his post.
I wanted to comment on his post but became instantly ashamed when it asked for my website.
I decided if I was going to comment and list my blog, I darn sure better have something recent.
I read Jeff's post to see where his thoughts had been lately - even though I was a Skype guest with his Grade 5 class as they were creating audiobooks for kindergartners.

I was also pulled back by Sanjana of AS Bombay's way of introducing first and second graders to the world of blogging . . . and I just *had* to start following @dearlibrariAnn once we met ftf after she starting following me from a mutual friend - @adecardy's twits.

I fell asleep and the world seemed to change. Then I woke up and realized I can still jump on the train and ride to my heart's content.

Let's do away with that phrase "The train is coming - either get on board or get left behind". There is nothing wrong with stopping to smell the roses and trusting there'll be another train coming through the station soon - that's why the station was built!


Jeff Utecht said...

I agree there is always another train coming along. I'm not worried about the people at the train station. I'm worried about the people at the taxi stand who are waiting for the next train. :)

Alicia said...

I love your metaphors, Jeff. To extend it further, as Toffler would say, we have to help the taxi-takers unlearn old habits and relearn new modes of transportation.

However, as long as one eventually reaches to the desired destination and learns from being in the wrong place at the right time, won't they find that it's the journey that makes life rich?